Friday, June 10, 2011

Regular or Decaf

We like coffee at our house. We drink it every morning! Nathan likes regular and I like decaf, but sometimes I will drink regular too. Apparently the little lady in our house has picked up on this, and she likes to make coffee every day too now in her little kitchen.

I hear her talking to herself about making decaf coffee. She tells Watson that he will drink coffee too when he is bigger. This morning she pretended to warm her coffee up in the play microwave. Lately she's really been into asking us if we need something too. Like, "Daddy you want more supper?" and "Mommy you want a blueberry muffin?" "Mommy you want more coffee?" It's sweet, shocking, and scary how much they absorb that you don't even realize. She is a total sponge!

The little cook!

Here is W w/his coffee and eggs. She tells him one day he will eat eggs when he gets bigger!

(Do you see his muscle looking shirt? Nathan cannot stand it when I put these little onesies on him and I think it's so funny-he says he looks like an old man in these things and he does-hahaha!)

Happy Friday!

H-28 months
W-3 1/2 months

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