Thursday, June 30, 2011

These two babies...and a salad

Are the sweetest little things on the face of the earth (unless they are crying/whining which does happen often around here, thankfully those moments are short lived) but even then, they are still such JOYS. I'm so thankful to be their mama.

Oh yes, the little guy does wear pink at night, only at home though! I put him in sleep sacks every night b/c he has the coldest room in the house for sure. His little hands are always freezing in the mornings. Hayes climbs in bed w/him every morning and they talk about stuff. Usually just sounds like jibberish!

Helping in the kitchen...H will line up chairs for us all to sit in while I cook most every night.

Last week I had the grilled chicken and fruit salad from ChickFILA and I can't stop thinking about it!! It was soooooo good. So that's what we had last night-so easy to put together. I just used all the fruit we had at home-oranges, blueberries, apples, strawberries, raisins- with a spring mix and grilled chicken strips. Easy, breezy weeknight meal.

I hear the big girl up from her nap. Happy Thursday and Happy 4th!


Susannah said...

OH my GOSH...the H and W are SO precious!!! And I LOVE your chairs! I bet you have a great pub table that they match ;)

Anonymous said...

CUTE pictures of our sweet Hayes and Watson! I always love to see the ones of Hayes in the crib with him, so sweet! The salad looks SO good! I love y'all! Aunt Alyssa