Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fun July 4th Weekend

We had a nice loooong weekend and loved every minute of it. It felt like we were on vacation even though we were home every night. We had some full and fun days. The best part of the weekend by far was having Nathan home w/us for 3, almost 4 full days. It sounds like he works far away and we never see him. That is definitely not the case, he is here morning, lunchtime and after work. We just like that man around here and all get super excited when he's home all day long!

I remember at my grandparents house in Montgomery they had a big front window, and my Grandmama would stand there staring out the window forever waiting for Grandaddy to get home from work. She would get so excited and say "he's here!!" and run to meet him at the door like she had not seen him just a few hours earlier at lunch. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Usually I am at the kitchen window and Hayes is around the dining room windows watching for Nathan! When we hear that garage door go up in the afternoons you would think Jesus was about to walk in our door. We have to run out and meet him most every day. And poor W usually gets left inside only b/c he can't walk yet! He'll be running out too before too long.

Saturday we spent the day at Brent and Lindsey's in Tuscaloosa and cooked out and played in their pool. It was such a nice day and they have the best backyard and pool. Hayes played and swam like a fish and Watson napped all day in the big hammock. We had a great time, Lindsey!

1st time in the pool-short and sweet-he lasted about 3 minutes and then got back in the hammock!

Granddaddy and a little fish!

These 2 not too pumped about a cousins picture!

Sunday we ventured to the zoo, despite the heat. We stayed just long enough to see a few animals and to ride the train-Hayes' 1st time. I love seeing her do new things.

I tried to get her to take a pic with the tiger but she wasn't having it.

Yesterday we hung out w/our friends the Fill's at their neighborhood pool and ate lunch and swam. They have the nicest pool! Hayes swam, Watson napped, Hudson napped and swam-all the little people did so good. Thanks so much for having us Jason and Emily and Hudson-we really can't wait to come back!

The evidence of a fun day...

And no fireworks last night for this family. We were all in bed before it started. Maybe next year. Happy 235th bday, America!!

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Shannon said...

so much fun Amy! We have the same little floaties for Collier and he does so good in them. I love to see them swimming and being so active! I can't believe how big Watson has gotten...so beautiful!