Monday, July 25, 2011

She's 2 1/2

Yesterday Hayes was officially 2 1/2, which means she's getting closer to 3 and not as close to 2. I don't really like that! We say all the time we want her to stay just like she is and not get any bigger. Just this morning she had on her ballerina pajamas, diaper, milk in hand laying on a blanket watching Miss Pattycake. I don't think her days are going to get any sweeter or more innocent than that. I have never been good at documenting her month by month, so here are some fun thing we want to remember about our Hayesie Daisy at 2 1/2 years old...

She be outside. her family-cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and us too. ABC's. making shapes out of playdough. watercoloring. puzzles. cooking in her kitchen. for you to write her name. singing (esp. in her bed or to Watson). jesus loves me and twinkle twinkle are her go-to's. miss pattycake and cedarmont kids. her Bible and Good Night God. dresses and bows. her babies-loves to change their diapers, rock them, put them down for naps-she's a little mama for sure. hugging her friends. saying her blessing. snacks. milk. throwing the ball. mcwane center. paula deen. storytime at the library-mainly for the beanbag rock song and the sucker at the end. publix cookies. climbing anything. building stairs w/her blocks. her Sunday school teachers. wagon and stroller rides. pulling her chalk in the wagon/strolling her chalk outside. the zoo. her baby bed-although she climbs out nonstop-but still doesn't want to sleep in her big bed yet! our neighbors-Ms. Grace and Ms. Sandra. starfall on the computer. listening to music. noahs ark. chick fil a. playdates w/her friends. Bible stories. carrying her own diaper bag. playing with her big baby. helping with laundry. sleeping with all her babies and animals. her baby brother!

She dislikes...coming inside. getting dressed. brushing her hair. taking any medicine. getting in in/out of the bathtub.

Favorite Foods...
MILK. ham and cheese. blueberries. bananas. crackers. chips and salsa. publix cookies from the bakery. popsicles. chicken fries. yogurt. cereal. applesauce. cereal bars. green beans. peas. peanut butter crackers. she's a decent little eater!

Goes to bed around 7:30 every night. Her naps are sporadic these days. Most days she stays in her bed and plays and as of lately will crawl out and play in her room until I put her back in. On a good day she will nap about 2-3 hours. It just depends on what we have done in the morning as to whether she is tired or not!
She just had her first dentist appt. last week. She got an A+ report, but she made those hygienists WORK! She cried and was so mad! I thought she had gotten a little more cooperative, but she still doesn't like anyone messing with her. At 2 1/2, she's still a good mix of sweet and spicy. I can't believe she'll already be in the 2's this fall. It seems like she was just born! Happy 2 1/2 years sweet Hayes!!

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lindseykennedy said...

Aww, I love that little sweet and spicy girl! Its crazy how big they are getting. I want them to stop as well. I need to see H & W ASAP! Let's plan a playdate!