Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Years

When we first got married I started making a scrapbook for each year of our marriage. That lasted for the first 3 years, and then Hayes was born, and so of course that was the end of that! So then I started making photo albums of her/our family and I have tried really hard to keep that up. Also, I am so happy to say that Watson's album is now started and up to date! What a JOB those albums are, but such a treasure. I found a video that I made of us in 2007-just Nathan and me-and our family, friends, memories from that year. I think we watched it a few times after I made it and then put it away until a few days ago when I found it. Hayes is now obsessed w/that video. There are so many memories and it was all about our life before she and Watson came along, hard to imagine now! I have cried several times seeing pictures on there, especially ones w/my grandparents in them. I have thought so many times over the last week how glad I am that I made that video (this was back when I had my awesome mac laptop from school-sadly I had to return her when I left.) That video is such a fun reminder of the time we spent together before the babies started coming along. Back when we didn't think about schedules, routines, fevers, ear infections, bedtimes, potty training, discipline, etc. Happy, fun, light, easy-breezy, (mostly) carefree times spent w/just the two of us. I wouldn't trade those first 3 1/2 years of our marriage for anything!!

And now 2 1/2 more years have passed, these involving 2 precious babies. And now I wouldn't trade this time of my life for ANYTHING. It's so true that you really only remember well what stage of life you are in at the moment. Everything passes so quickly and things get really blurry. So I'm thankful for the 1 million pictures, videos, and this blog I have to document these sweet days w/Nathan, Hayes and Watson.

Happy anniversary to my best friend in this world! I can't believe it's already been, but only been 6 years. I'm thankful for God's perfect plan and for you. He always knows best!


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!

Susannah said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

lindseykennedy said...

YEA! Six years flew by! Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple I know!