Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Singing and Mr. Potato Head

In an effort to not lose or forget about any of these precious pictures and videos on our computer, I need to start posting them on here. I'm so afraid some of these little moments will be lost and forgotten here in the sea of pictures on our computer. I continuously upload more and more pics all the time, and alot of them I forget about until I go back and look later.
Plus, these videos are mainly for the grandparents-who all live out of town!-to see. I know they like to see them. Feel free to skip these though-it will not hurt my feelings!

Lately, I have caught Hayes jumping up into Watson's bed with him (which is kind of scary if I'm not in the room b/c she can be so wild w/him.) I'm glad I had my camera close by on this day. She loves to sing to him-Jesus Loves Me, Row Row Row your boat, Deep and Wide, Jesus loves the little Children, Humpty Dumpty, Peace like a river, If you're happy and you know it, etc. She walks around the house singing nonstop!

Here is the little teacher telling W about Mr. Potato Head, one of her used-to-be favorite toys. She obviously knows all the body parts now, but I will find him w/all the parts stuck in all crazy.

And that's all! Happy Wednesday!

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lindseykennedy said...

Please keep the videos coming!! I love them. I also love when I see Watsy wearing Baker Man's clothes. I'm pretty sure that is his sack in the first video. I LOVE that one and Baker only wore it once I think! Hayes trying to hand Wats the glasses is TOO cute!