Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa and Hayes

Every year we have taken Hayes to see Santa since she was little bitty, and every year has been the same-terrified of him. She has never been a fan of strangers, and especially that big man all dressed up! Here is her first Christmas-2009
2011-she was more aware this year (almost 3) so I didn't even attempt a solo picture! This was taken at a Christmas pancake breakfast and from the second we walked in she would not even look in his direction. I can't blame her. My sweet baby girl!!
2012-almost 4-I randomly took both kids in to Brookwood mall with me to go look at something (and w/no stroller-I wouldn't recommend it) and I told Hayes Santa might be there and we could go peek at him. She was so excited. Who was this child? We saw him from far away and then she waved and kept right on walking and waving and went right up and hugged him and wanted to sit in his lap and talk to him. Totally not what I was expecting and brother boy was screaming his head off about having to get near him. So here is my BIG all grown up, not scared of Santa at all anymore sweet Hayes!!
She is growing up. And yes she's all dresed for Thanksgiving in her turkey outfit and camo boots, but oh well. I just have to go w/her flow. We may be brave and attempt pic #2 with Watson. I hate he missed out!

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