Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Weekend and Eve 2012

I can't believe it's already been a week since Christmas! This is the first Christmas we have stayed home, right here at our house, and it was wonderful. It was the best feeling knowing that we were not travelling and that our babies would go to sleep and wake up right here on Christmas morning! We are so incredibly appreciative of our family coming up here to be with us this year. Thank you all so, so much for making the trip! We had 3 rounds of family, food and gifts and we all felt very spoiled. I have so many pictures of the Christmas weekend/week span so I'll just post some of the highlites. The weekend before Christmas w/Nana and Papa...
They have lived in these sleeping bags since they got them. Such a useful gift at our house-thank you Nana and Papa!!
Christmas Eve morning we woke up to Minnie Mouse (thank you cousins!)
Christmas Eve day we stayed home, played, cooked lunch and waited for Shug, Grandaddy, and Honey to get to our house!
It was the nicest and fairly warmest day of the whole week, sooooo the kids got their suprise early from Shug and Grandaddy, pure happiness when they saw it!
That night we had a little birthday party for Jesus which was special for the kids and for us. We read the Christmas story, sang happy birthday and decorated cupcakes and named all the nativity pieces. Definitely one of the best parts of Christmas this year and something we will do every year.
I still have many more pics to share so that will have to wait! I have to say again how thankful I am for every person in these pictures and that we were able to spend these days together. I love every single one of them and am extremely grateful for the way they love our family. Christmas Day pictures coming soon!

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