Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas morning was so much fun waking up with our kids this year! They woke up and did not even remember that there might be some presents under the tree. Hayes thought about it after a few minutes and we all went into the living room to see what Santa brought! It was fun having Shug and Grandaddy and Honey here with us. The funny thing is that he went straight to her stuff and she went straight to his stuff. I love them being close in age for so many reasons, one being that they love all the same toys, a big plus for Santa! Everything is for both of them. We spent the day at home, Lindsey and Brent and Baker came, we ate lunch and opened more gifts. What a Christmas. That night Pop Pop, Susan, and Uncle Ashley came to eat and open more gifts. It was a wonderful time and so great having all of our family here in our home to celebrate!

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