Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Break

This is the end of week 3 of being out of school. Today was the first day that it is starting to seem like a long time. It's been so much fun. Nathan was home with us for a good while. We've played, played, played, played, mostly inside. This weather has been too cold to play outside for me! The week before Christmas we passed out candy canes at a nursing home close to our house. This is getting to be a favorite thing for us. The people are so sweet and they seem to really appreciate anything you bring them and they love seeing kids. And most importantly it's a good lesson for H&W in giving and sharing, and learning to love older people.
She is about to be 4, which totally blows my mind. My mind has been occupied with her party coming up in a few weeks!
And this stinker is knocking on #2's door. He is obsessed with all things choo choo train.
We've played with friends-close friends and far away friends-we miss you, Rebecca!!
Lots of baking for teachers, neighbors, and ourselves
We've been to McWane several times and it's been so fun every time. They love the snow exhibit, slide, Clifford, train and that zipline. Hayes loves it and has had good lessons about waiting patiently for her turn! There are kids of all ages standing in line and she just stands so still, right in the middle of all the big kids. She won't let me stand close to her, I have to stand on the OTHER side of the rope. Cannot believe we are already getting to that stage.
Nathan and Hayes had a movie date, Finding Nemo 3D
This boy is just like his daddy, loves a blanket
We went to Montgomery one day and ate lunch at Pop Pop and Susan's and our Dothan cousins came too. It was a great afternoon with our family and the trips on the road these days are getting much easier the older they get!

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