Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Hayes!

Today is our Hayesie Daisy's 4th birthday! Truly, truly so hard to believe that she was born 4 years ago. It really goes by so fast. She has been well celebrated with a birthday breakfast and a precious Dora party this morning with her friends. It was super sweet and we had beautiful weather today. Many thanks to all who came to celebrate! Hopefully more pictures will follow but I got a new phone and all my pics are on there. High-tech lifestyle is not for me, I think I'm sticking w/my old school camera for pictures from now on!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hayesie! WE love you!

- Aunt Lindsey

Claire Strom said...

Happy Birthday Hayes! And Amy - there's an app for Blogger on iPhone. Probably for Android too! You can pop your pictures straight from your phone into the app! Glad you are all doing great!
- Claire