Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soaking in December

We are loving December around here. We have been at home, at preschool, to Dothan for a family Christmas dinner and that's about it! I tried really hard to get all my shopping done in November and thankfully that is finished almost. I did not want that extra stress in December. So far this month it has been really nice to just be home, enjoy the Christmas tree and decorations and not feel completely crazy-most of the time!!
We have had no shortage of video watching this month. Watson has discovered the Cedarmont Kids and is obsessed, obsessed, obsessed to the nth degree. It is ridiculous. Hayes was the same way w/them at her age. Something about watching other children sing that is mesmerizing for him. All day long if it's not playing he is screaming, "kids, kids, kids!!" I need some earplugs after about the 3rd go-round. The best part is that he has learned about 40 praise songs/hymns from watching it and loves to sing them all the time. He will say the end word of every line and it's the sweetest thing.
We went to painted by you in November (thanks to Groupon) and made a Santa handprint plate. Just picked it up today and it turned out so cute. I am guessing this will be our new cookies for Santa plate.
Last weekend was our Watson Family Christmas Dinner in Dothan with my Dad's side of the family. It was great. We got to see our cousins and lots of relatives. I always look forward to that day!! It was so different though without my Grandmama and Grandaddy and Ease there. Our generation of cousins is growing up and there just were not many older people, which makes me a little sad. And we didn't even get a family picture, just 1 of these 5 little cousins though who I love so, so, so much!!!
Hayes is almost 4 (next month) going on 14. She is a pure grown up now it seems like. She helps so much at home. I love her age. Actually I've pretty much loved every age since they were both born, except for getting up in the middle of the night, could have done without that. It's hit me hard lately that Hayes will start kindergarten in a year and a half. I know it sounds like a long time, but it's really not! I want to soak up every ounce of my time with her at home and I've made a conscious effort to do that for the past year. I just know I'll look back when she's in kindergarten and totally wish she was here to play "get on the bus" and doctor with her babies and paint messy pictures and play bag lady where she dumps tons of stuff into grocery sacks (all for mommy to clean up of course!) She doesn't nap (and hasn't in forever) and really doesn't even rest, but I've gotten to where I am okay with it b/c she's pretty independent. She is all about doing projects, every single day! I am having to be really creative to come up with stuff for her to do during W's rest time. Making cookies is always her first choice. We've baked alot the last couple of weeks and everything we make she says is her favorite. The girl has a major sweet tooth!
I'm sure (haha) I've mentioned this before on the blog, but Bam Bam is quite the handful! He can climb out of his crib is 1 second and can now turn the door knob to get out of his room. However, we have made big naptime progress and he's napping again this week (last week was a no-nap week!) He is just getting up so early now that he can get up on his own, gone are the days of him staying in his bed until 7:30 or 8. Now it's more like 5:45 or so which has been shocking for my system. He is 100% full speed ahead from the second his feet hit the floor in the mornings!
He still hasn't had a hair cut yet, although it's definitely in his future. I'm so afraid of what will happen to all those curls. I'm thinking it may stay curly like Hayes', hopefully.
We have gotten so many Christmas cards with children looking at the camera and smiling. It's amazing. I truly am blown away that other children can do this, because mine totally CANNOT! Individual shots-yes. But together? It's a joke! I love their hilarious little selves anyway.
Here was our rest time last week one day. They had about 10 different activities for "quiet time." Not very restful! They're always into a new stage and I'm constantly adjusting!
I do love that we had the extra week of Christmas this year. It really has made the month go by a little slower which has given us lots of time for little projects. I love that we can celebrate Jesus' birth this year with Hayes and Watson and that she is starting to understand. And I love that we are beginning new Christmas traditions for our kids. We are staying home this year for Christmas and our fam is coming to see us. So, so fun and we are excited. Hope you are enjoying this season and all the busy-ness or downtime it brings!

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