Monday, December 3, 2012

The Weekend

I love weekends when we have no big plans, so we can just do whatever comes along. Our Bham cousins, Alice and Claire, who Hayes talks about all the time and planned a birthday party for came over Friday afternoon for a snack and to play. They are so sweet to my kids and we love to see them. They are older, but I figured out Hayes will be in 9th grade when Claire is a senior in high school. If we still live here they will be at the same school at least 1 year. That was totally random.
Friday night we had family fun night w/a fire, Frosty the Snowman movie (H's favorite), and popcorn. Watson though he was so cool staying up late, I would catch him looking over at us eating his popcorn and smiling.
Watson is 21 months now and Hayes is 3 yrs 10 mos-almost 4 and 2. Still seems like he should be a baby but he really isn't anymore. So sad!
They seem so much for grown up now too?? Hayes has called me Amy all weekend. She says the funniest things all day, every day!
Watson decided this weekend that he was going to start crawling out of his bed. He did it first on Saturday when he was supposed to be napping. Nathan was home w/him and I was not. Then Sunday he did it again immediately when I put him down. I closed the door and 2 seconds later I could hear him jiggling the door handle. I went back in his room at least 15 times to put him back in the bed. He finally had a 30 minute nap in his bed. So I feel like I won that battle for Sunday, we'll see what this afternoon holds. I'm afraid my afternoons w/at least 1 sleeping child might be coming to an end. SCARY!
Saturday morning we took the kids to the bass pro shop. It was definitely worth the drive. I had hoped to get a picture of both kids w/Santa, but that did't work out. The line was too long so there was no hope of that. But, there were so many fun things to see and do!
They loved all the 4 wheelers and animals everywhere.
Can't believe she wanted to touch this big bear!
It was a great weekend with family. Hope you had a good one too!! Happy Monday!!

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