Friday, August 27, 2010

A Day at the Zoo and a Recipe

The weather has been just a tad bit nicer this week in Birmingham and it's been great. 10 degrees cooler in the mornings makes a huge difference! Our good friends Amy Mc. and Mary Carmen invited us to the zoo this morning and we had a great time, especially with the not so sweltering temperatures! Most of the animals were out which was fun. I'm not sure how many Hayes could see up close but she still seemed to enjoy herself, especially w/the help of some snacks.

Amy and I taught K together at West and our girls are 3 months apart. AND, our next babies will be about 6 weeks apart!

Thanks Amy and Mary Carmen for a fun day at the zoo and a fun lunch!! Hayes is taking good nap right now b/c of y'all!
We're having a bit of an issue lately w/Hayes being in her stroller (like in the above picture.) I really can't believe she stayed in there the whole time today-actually this is more of a restraint issue altogether-does not like any sort of seatbelt holding her in. Yesterday I made a huge mistake of taking her to a consignment sale w/me thinking she could stay in her stroller w/some toys and snacks-WOW-it was such a debacle I couldn't even talk about how bad it was to Nathan until last night. COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. Any tips on toddler behavior, PLEASE let me know!! She's 19 months and into a whole new stage. I'm constantly praying that I'm disciplining her the right way-w/ firmness and consistency-this is a whole new phase of parenting and so far, it's tough!! An d a BIG apology to my sweet friend Lindsey D. for me not being a good shopping buddy yesterday-next time I'll be shopping solo!!
Hayes is still napping-so here is the yummy soup recipe! (I realize soup is not for everyone this time of year, especially vegetable soup, but I'm telling you, it's good and super easy, and full of vegetables!!)


1-1/2 lbs ground round
small chopped onion
2 cans diced tomatoes
McKenzie's or Publix vegetable gumbo mix-frozen bag-don't get the vegetable soup mix-get the gumbo mix-lots of corn, okra, and more tomatoes-much better)
3 or so cups of water
salt, pepper, sugar, seasoning salt
rice or elbow macaroni

Brown meat and onion w/a little seasoning salt and drain. Pour into large stock pot. Add tomatoes, soup mix, 3 cups water, and turn on med-high heat to bring to a boil. Once boiling, add 1/2 tbsp salt, 3/4 tbsp seasoning salt, 1 tbsp sugar (or splenda), and enough pepper to make a thick layer on top of soup. Cover and simmer over med/low for 1-2 hours. Add handful or rice of macaroni toward the end, may need to add a little more water, just check consistency. Makes 5-6 large bowls of soup. If you put in the right amount of the spices it will be perfectly seasoned. Enjoy!!

*This recipe is from my sister, who has a million good recipes. Pretty much every good recipe I have came from her, which probably came from her mother in law in Elba-those people down there are really good cooks. Thanks Alyssa!!


The Piedmonts said...

my only advice which I use CONSTANTLY- is to remind yourself that it is only a phase! everything is only a phase. with each month comes a new challenge and a new reward and I am pretty confident that you are discipling just as you should. it is so hard especially when you are in the first trimester exhaustion. I was so worried with ellie about how I was going to handle two but it has been so much easier than I ever imagine. hang in there.

The DeRieux Family said...

No apologies needed!! We had our own stroller meltdown when Anna Leigh turned around in her stroller and hit her head on the table. I think both of us left there with a screaming daughter :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! "Those people DOWN THERE" Coffee County! Sweet comment, Sis. I love that Hayes is such an active little girl and has a mind of her own and alot of spunk! She has two wonderful parents who are doing an awesome job trying to raise her in a way that pleases God! Wow! God will continue to help us ALL every step of the way in parenting, I'm confident. He will bless our efforts and we just have to remember that even though WE may not see progress every day or week, doesn't mean it's not happening! Now, will you please remind ME of all this?? It's so hard to be consistent, We'll keep praying for y'all if you'll do the same for us! Love you 3 (and 1/2)and look forward to seeing you SOON! Auntie Alyssa

lindseykennedy said...

So Daisy won't stay in her stroller? B is already starting this too! We made the mistake of not strapping him in one time and out he went. You are doing a fantastic job! I can't wait to see yall this weekend!