Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Happy Wednesday! I am feeling the need to update the blog since it's been a week! First, thank you all so much for the sweet comments on our baby news. This is why I love this blog world-to share fun and exciting news w/people I don't get to see everyday. Because really, the people listed over on the left side of the page are the only people I can keep up with these days. Phone conversations are very limited-is everybody like that or just me? And, I'm not a texter or a facebook person. I just don't think my brain can hold any more unnecessary information than it already has. So this is why I love this little blog! Okay so far my title fits this post perfectly-very random thoughts. We've been busy lately, not sure what all we've been doing but it seems like we never stop. Except for 1:00 naptime-that's a permanent thing in our days and we do stop for that. It's just hard to remember from one day to the next so I guess I need to be more consistent w/the blog so I don't forget stuff!

This little cowgirl and I spent last weekend in Dothan from Thursday to Sunday. Hayes ended up getting really sick, and it was so sad. She had lots of chest congestion, fussiness, and was completely pitiful. That's the worst to see your little one sick and crying. She's feeling much better now thankfully. We had a great experience at Dothan Pediatrics-they were very nice (considering Hayes screamed almost the entire time, like over an hour b/c a MAN nurse picked her up to weigh her-strange men are not her thing) and they were fairly quick. This is how she felt most of the weekend :(

This morning I was able to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat. It was fast and loud, a precious sound! I love that. Due March 3. We will find out October 4 if this one is a boy or girl. We are both thinking boy this time, but we thought that w/Hayes too, and she is definitely all girl-sweet and spicy is what we like to call her. She fits both descriptions perfectly. She's become quite the helper w/the housework-loves to unload the silverware from the dishwasher, and really she is such a big help that I wait until she can help me before I start unloading it.

This week we have been at my school in the mornings getting our classrooms ready for preschool. We start back in 2 weeks. Hayes is NOT a fan of MDO. She's been several times lately so I can work in my room. She has pitched some terrible fits when I've dropped her off. Yesterday I dropped her off at 9:15 and at 11:15 the director from downstairs brought her to my room b/c she was still crying. Hmmmm. Not sure what to do but I am hopeful it will get better and one day she will like going!

I have a soup recipe to share-I know it's not fall yet but at our house it can always be soup time. I LOVE soups and we keep it pretty cold in our house so it doesn't matter to me what it feels like outside! Be back soon w/that. It's REALLY good!


Shannon said...

Hey Amy,
I meant to leave a comment on your last post that I am just thrilled for yall...Another sweet baby Kennedy! What a blessing. I'll be praying for healthy momma and baby.
I love the red boots and I am glad that Hayes is feeling better..not fun to have a sick baby!
I totally understand the screaming child in childcare...we start back to bible study in a few weeks and I am very curious how Collier will do. There were SEVERAL nights last year that the nursery keepers had to come and get me 2 hours after I dropped him off and he was still screaming. He did do better by the end of the year but I don't know what the beginning of the year will bring. I'll be praying that she will adjust quickly and easily once school starts back.
Also. Ginny McCarroll Bakken (do you remember her - she was my neighbor in Dothan, went to HA) her son, Jack, is going to be at your school this year. Not sure what ages you teach, but wanted you to look out for her if you do remember her.
Sorry for the long comment. I would love to get together one day soon...I have Fridays off.

The DeRieux Family said...

I'm so happy to hear you were able to hear your sweet baby's heartbeat! That's always the best sound. It was great to see you this morning...we need to plan a trip to the park (and Dairy Queen :) soon since the heat is getting a little better!

Anonymous said...

I hope sweet Hayes is all well now! It was so fun seeing y'all last weekend! If only she hadn't been sick, but that's okay we'll come visit y'all soon! Love you, Sis.