Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's crazy that it's already time for kids to go back to school! Today was the first day back for most kids, at least the kids at my old school, Vestavia West, so I always get very sentimental this time of year with the new school year starting. It's fun to see where all my old students are and I love running into them and their parents. Hayes and I took lunch to the kindergarten teachers today since they had their meet the teacher day and don't have children all day until tomorrow. It was SO good to see every one of them, although I still see or talk to most of them very regularly. I went to my old classroom and Hayes loved climbing in and out of the little chairs. I'm sure I have some pictures of my old room somewhere but have no idea right now where they are. I really miss that place-everything about it- and lately over the past month or so the missing part has really intensified!! We've been up there 3 times in the last 2 weeks just to visit and I'm sure the office people are already tired of seeing me push Hayes' big stroller and our many bags through the front door just to come visit! Hha! Not really, they are all wonderful up there.

It's so funny how when you are somewhere for so long, how that environment totally becomes your home. That incredible group of women at that school (all 40 or so) were just like family. I started at West when I was 24 and left when I was 30. So I feel like I spent all my "adult growing up years" since I've been in B'ham right there with those awesome people. They were my confidantes/mentors/some of the best friends ever. Our kindergarten group was very close which made working there that much better. I have so many good memories of funny stories, conversations, jokes, after school mexican trips, meals together, lake trips, Christmas parties, birthday desserts, Friday fun lunches, etc. Lots of good times have been spent with those people! I'm not sure about other professions, but it seems like with teachers, you have an instant bond. I guess it has to do w/working w/so many women and you all have crazy stories and funny experiences-but the crazy thing was how well everyone got along with that many females in one building!! I wouldn't trade my time there for anything. God was so watching over me when He put me there for student teaching and I had no idea what benefits, memories, and friendships I would walk away with, but He knew.

Anyway this is the beginning of my 2nd year away and they all had a meeting while we ate and seriously I was already SO lost with what they were talking about w/reading and math. Teaching and curriculums change super fast. I'll have ALOT to learn one day when I go back!!

For now I am beyond thankful for the season of life I am in now. The Lord of course was working way ahead of me when I got the opportunity to teach preschool at Covenant. It's part-time 3 mornings each week and it's the biggest blessing for all 3of us. I never knew such a fantastic, Jesus focused preschool like that place existed until I got there and I'm incredibly grateful that Hayes gets to be a part of it next year when she gets to the 2's. I wouldn't trade one single day of teaching full time for the time I get to spend w/Hayes. She's growing and changing WAY too fast. Every day she seems BIGGER!!! I know I will blink and she'll be starting kindergarten 4 years from today!

And, this Sunday is promotion Sunday and our sweet girl is moving up to the next class-Older ONES-WHAT!! She is well on her way to 2 which is scary. She absolutely adores her Sunday school teachers, Miss Carolyn and Miss Betty, and sweet helper Hannah, and thankfully they are moving up with her class so she won't have to adjust to new teachers, just a new BIG KID room. She won't even be on the nursery side!! I'm not ready for all these changes!!

Sorry for the long post, it's more for documentation of my memories at WEST! It's been heavy on my mind ALOT lately!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecc. 3:1-3-clinging to this verse when I think about which side of my brain is used most these days taking care of a busy toddler- haha!-one day I hope to have another fantastic "season" of teaching at my old school!!


Crazy Lady said...

i loved this post. sounds like a great school. hayes is just gorgeous!

Tara said...

What a sweet post of your past with your "old" school and what is going on now. Things do change so quickly and it's nice to reflect back every once in awhile. We need some major bricks on these girls' heads! They ARE growing up way too fast!

Regan said...

You are such a sweet person, Amy! WIsh I could see you more. Hayes is too cute for words!! Growing so fast...