Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playday in Montgomery

We met Pop Pop, Aunt Alyssa, and our cousins in Montgomery on Monday for lunch and play. We needed to squeeze in a quick visit before the big girls start school this week. We had a yummy pizza lunch where we all shared at least 100 pieces of pizza thanks to Pop Pop. My Dad really enjoys fixing other people's plates!

Holley, the big 3rd grader. She is the BEST big cousin to Hayes, so sweet and follows around right after her helping her with everything! Carson is about to start 4P this year and MH will be a 1st grader. They are all 3 so excited about their teachers for this year-just found out yesterday. I remember those days-so fun to start a new school year!

They are all crazy about each other. Every time we're together Hayes does a whole lot of happy squealing and laughing!

We had ice cream at chick fil a before we left and Hayes rode the cow forever. Carson we're still sorry about Hayes stepping on your hand, buddy. She didn't mean to!

Yea! He's happy again!

Now we get to see our other cousin, Baker, on Saturday and we can't wait! I'm so thankful Hayes has these sweet litle people to grow up with.


Susannah said...

That CFA is the coolest! Love the rocking cows!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing you at West too!!! And Hayes!!! Come eat lunch again soon!!!