Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Catch up of Events

I find if I take a few days and don't blog, then I have no idea what day of the week it is or what we have spent our time doing. I've also been a little lazy about snapping pictures lately so that doesn't help either. But anyway here is a short recap of the latest events at our house.

Last week we met friends at the zoo at a normally absurd time, but, it turned out to be a great time! We got there at 1:00, played and looked at animals and left about 2:30. Both little ones had super afternoon naps. We'll probably be doing that again soon. Plus the weather has just been so nice that it's really hard to stay inside, even in the afternoon when it's naptime.

(Emma Kate, Hayes, and Mary Carmen) thanks Amy Mc. for the pic!

Watson man got his big boy carseat put in last week. He is so happy and so am I. I love looking in my mirror and seeing the top of that little blonde head. Getting into the car is so much easier on us both, no wrestling him into that little backwards seat anymore!

last ride in the baby seat!

Yea for a bigger seat! We went a new route w/his big seat so he can stay in it until high school. just kidding but these days kids sit in carseats forever. I really like it. That cup holder comes in handy too.

Since January we have started having family fun night on Friday nights and Hayes is all about it. We try to do something fun/together most every night, but Fridays are stay up a little past bedtime nights. Usually we go get ice cream or watch a short movie or play a game or something fun, whatever she wants to do. This past Friday night she chose popsicles and staying up late to watch her Sprout shows. It's so fun for her. I know she feels so big doing that after Watson goes to bed. We've also started Saturday date night after the little people go to bed which has been so much fun too! Saturday night was steak night, Nathan's idea, and it was delicious. That might be a regular thing now.

Saturday we took a short trip to T-town to see Brent and Lindsey's new house! It was a very easy and fun little trip. Hayes and Baker jumped in the bouncy house, Watson jumped a little bit but mainly explored Baker's toys inside. Lindsey made lunch for us and it was all so good!Thanks Lindsey for having us!!

That's about it. It's rest time so I need to take full advantage! Happy Tuesday!

H-3 yrs.
W-11 mos.

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