Monday, February 27, 2012

Watson's 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Watson's 1st birthday with all of our family! We had a lunchtime pizza party and it just could not have been any easier or any sweeter! Of course he had no idea it was his birthday or his party as expected. He kind of enjoyed everyone singing happy birthday to him and then playing in the big cake, but then wanted nothing to do with his little cake. I think he just had some stage fright with all the attention on him! Happy Birthday sweet Watson. We're so thankful you have been in our family for one whole year!!

Big sister is ready for the party, hat and all!

Here comes Nana! All of his grandparents were there to sing and celebrate. It means so much to us that they could all come since they all had to travel. That's the best feeling knowing that there are a few more people in the world who love your babies so much, almost as much as you do, and truly care about every little detail/event in their lives.

Cousins Camilla and Watson came to party

Watson's big cousins all came too to eat and play!

Hayes loved sharing her table w/Bake Bake and Camilla!

So in the process of the party we discovered that the birthday boy LOVES pizza. He ate a bunch and was so mad when it was gone. He since had pizza about 3 more times since Sat. lunch so I think he's had his fill.

Singing happy birthday-he loved the big cake and couldn't keep his hands or feet away from it. That icing is soooo good!

We put him in his highchair for his little cake and he just did not care for it. He had about 2 tiny tastes of it and he was over it. Tears started flowing, kind of sad!

So we moved the party outside. It was such a beautiful day w/the best weather.

Thank you Lindsey for bringing the bouncy house!!

Cousins pic, minus Baker, Camilla and cousin Watson. I'm thankful for these older kids who are SO incredibly sweet and loving to mine. They just couldn't be any sweeter.

Happy 1st Birthday, little man. We love you with ALL OUR HEARTS. We are so grateful God made you to be a part of our family. You are special and you are one loved child!!


The Piedmonts said...

hey- your children are so adorable! I know I have said it before but I so lived we lived closer because I am pretty sure my stories of Ellie and Tripp would coordinate with the adventures of Hayes and Watson. Where did you get your playground set? I love it and am thinking this summer we may be investing. Thanks- Amy

The Nichols Family said...

Happy 1st bday to Watson (and a belated 3rd bday to Miss Hayes)! It goes by too fast, doesn't it?! So funny, Cade wore that same Castles & Crowns for his 1st bday back at the end of December!
Hope y'all are doing well!!

Laura Lyn