Monday, February 13, 2012

My Little Valentines and Weekend Fun

We survived the weekend with Nathan out of town successfully. He wasn't gone too long, but we surely missed him. I never like for him to go out of town. Everybody in this family likes for everybody to be home all the time. It's just a safe and cozy and warm place. I love home. Watson has been fighting a fever virus and upper respiratory stuff, mainly at night, poor thing. His tonsils are huge, so they are affecting his sleep at night, just very restless and breathing hard and fast. But other than that it was a great weekend. We partied w/some birthday girls and just stayed home and played inside. I can't take this freezing cold weather. If it would just snow that would make it worth it!

We celebrated our sweet friend Lily's 3rd birthday Friday night w/Mexican. Happy Birthday, Lily!! We hope you had a good one!!

Have I mentioned how MUCH hayes loves cupcakes? She lives for a cupcake. She has probably had more in her 3 years than I've had in my 32 years. That is no joke. I didn't even like sweet stuff until I married Nathan. He loves sweets too and now so do I. It's a main food group at our house. She gets it honest. Also chips and salsa and cheese dip. That girl can put away a bowl of chips and cheese fast. just like her mama!

Last our friend Campbell turned 5 and had the cutest painting party! It was super creative and crafty. Ana did a great job! Girls and boys all had fun. I am storing away all these creative b'day ideas for the future. We have 2 winter birthdays so we will always have inside parties, no parks or pools or anything outside!

Watson drove us home from the party

Happy Monday. Stay warm!!

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