Thursday, February 16, 2012

Girls Day

On Monday Hayes and I had a fun girls day together. She is at a great age and I am so enjoying this stage with her. Our church has preschool playdays once a month and this month it was Children's Theatre. Our friends Maggie and Margaret met us and we saw The Little Engine that Could. I highly recommend it if you're here or close by! I think it's playing for a couple more weeks. It was a great 45 minute show. I wasn't sure how she would do having to sit still and watch-never been to a movie or even watched more than a 20 min. show at a time! But it kept her attention and she loved it. The snack helped too (although I am sure they didn't appreciate that, she is only 3 though!)

We left and got a sucker from Nathan's office-see the red drippings on that dress? Red all over it! I washed it about 3 times that afternoon to get that all out. Then we went to eat lunch and she chose cheeseburgers. We also rode the escalator about 25 times up and down at Brookwood Mall. I think that was the best part of girls day for her! Fun times with my Hayes. She's a sweet one.

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