Friday, April 1, 2011

The Baby Boy (and some Cookies)

The little baby in this house is growing. He had his 1 month check up today a week late (at 5 weeks.) 11 lbs 6 oz and 22 1/2 inches. Both mine and Nathan's predictions were wrong. So at least his lengthy feedings are paying off growth-wise. His little face and cheeks are getting rounder and even more kissable by the day. But I'm waiting on the 12 lb magic mark so he can sleep through the night. Maybe in a few weeks!

Random plug-Just fyi in case you have a sweet tooth this weekend...
I know I've mentioned the
Plain Chicken
blog on here before and how much I love reading her recipes. If you are a cookie monster like me, please go here to look through her cookie recipes. There are tons of good ones. I made the cookies and cream PB cookies this week. They WERE ridiculously good. They did not last in this house. I think my sweet friend Shannon brought the M&M Cakies over last week-they were DELICIOUS and I can't stop thinking about how yummy they were. Poor Nathan didn't get many of those. And today I bought ingredients for the thin mint chocolate chip cookies. So if you need some dessert please stop by our house b/c we don't need all these calories. These recipes are a dangerous habit for me.
Happy Friday!

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Kara Jacobs said...

LOVE the pic! He is so precious! We so need to come for a visit! Emma Kate has a little cough right now but hopefully soon!