Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Week Playtime

I'm so excited it is Easter weekend! We have family coming in town tomorrow, so we are looking forward to a great time all weekend. We've been excited about Nana and Papa's visit all week long. Hayes loves when they visit and we do too!

We went to a fun little Easter egg hunt on Tuesday at my friend Lindsey's house with some girls in our Sunday school class and their babies. (I know I've mentioned on here at some point about how much we love our church and Sunday school class. Almost everyone in our class is at the same life stage-married w/little ones-and it's so comforting and encouraging to be with other moms who are going through the same things at the same time-nursing/sleeping/sicknesses/life in general/etc. I love getting their tips and advice on baby stuff. They are all great mamas and they are a huge blessing in my life. I firmly believe moms need other moms to stay sane!!!)
Back to the egg hunt, all the little ones hunted eggs and then we ate lunch and cute Easter cookies Lindsey made. Hayes had a ball playing w/Anna Leigh's toys. Other people's toys are always way more fun than your own! Watson napped on and off. One day he'll be able to get up out of that carseat and participate. But for now he is a happy boy just relaxing and watching everything. Thank you Lindsey for having us over-we had a FUN time playing! I wish I had taken some better pics but my attention was divided!

8 weeks TODAY

On Thursday we had a West girls playdate. West is my old school where I taught kindergarten. Amy Mc. and I taught K and Kara taught 1st and Dawn is the counselor! We all had our 1st babies in the same year, so they are all 2 now and Emma Kate will be 2 at the end of the summer. These 4 will all be in kindergarten together in a few years at VHEW and of course I could not be happier about that! We decorated cookies at Amy's house and then they played/destroyed her house. Hayes has now had enough dessert this week to last her until December.

She loves some sugar. After she decorated her cookie she just ate the rest of her icing w/her spoon. Nice!

Sweet Walker

Hanging out w/my friends

Emma Kate, Mary Carmen, and Hayes

Bye Walker!

I can't leave out Watson and little girlfriend Clara! They had their own date over by the swing. He had a major blowout diaper-thanks for letting us borrow your shirt Clara! Clara is Amy Mc.'s new baby girl, just a few weeks older than Watson and so precious. I was hoping she would give him some pointers on sleeping while we were there. Last night was slightly better.

My mom and I are attempting this little guy tomorrow for our Sunday dessert. We will see how creative we can be. I'm not sure ours will turn out like this one. But I don't think the sugar monsters at our house will care how it looks, only if it tastes good! I'm using this coconut cake recipe.

Happy Easter!

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