Monday, April 25, 2011

Watson is 2 Months

Our newest addition is TWO months old today. Time is flying by of course. I am trying to get good one on one time in with him every day so that he doesn't get slighted. The best time for that is during sister's nap time. I want to be able to give him lots of face time like Hayes got. But that is not as easy this time though. He is the SWEETEST and most lovable little baby. When I say I could just eat him, I mean that with every ounce of my being!! I never thought having a boy would be as sweet as having a girl. I was wrong. They are EQUALLY precious to me.

He is still wearing Size 1 diapers (until we run out, then moving on up to 2's soon!)
Wearing 3-6 month clothes
We have his 2 month check up on Wednesday, so I'm not sure about his weight and height. All I know is that everyone looks at him and says he is big. He looks and feels big to us too! We will see on Wednesday. And with all those little layers and rolls on him, you would think he could sleep longer at night. I think he has regressed. Right now he is at 3-4 hour stretches. He seems to be a hungry boy at night. One of these nights he will surprise us!
He naps best in his swing during the day. He enjoys the playmat for short periods of time. He likes it better if Hayes is down there with him. He is constantly entertained by her silly self. She likes to sing to him.
He loves a pacifier when he starts getting sleepy.
He smiles alot. I catch him looking up at me or Nathan and smiling. And he really smiles alot during bathtime. He's a happy little camper for the most part!

She loves to sing to him. Here is a little playtime video...

We love you little Watson! You are a precious addition to our family. We didn't know what else we were missing until you came along. You are a perfect fit for us and we thank God for the blessing you are to this family!


Shannon said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! big sister singing Jesus Loves me to her little brother! Melt my heart! He is one handsome little man and has changed so much already! I'm still praying for good sleep for you through the night!

The DeRieux Family said...

Watson is the sweetest little thing! So good to see you both yesterday!

Anonymous said...

He's getting so big! Glad his 2 month appointment went well! Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow! :)