Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a very busy and fun Easter weekend! My Mom and Gregg came on Saturday for the weekend and stayed until this morning. I was so glad they were here! They are good entertainers for Hayes and always come w/fun surprises. They keep things action packed w/lots of playtime when they are here. Hayes did not have a nap either day I do not think! All weekend we played outside, hunted eggs, dyed eggs, played w/bubbles and enjoyed the new playhouse. On Sunday we went to church (Watson made it the WHOLE hour in the service, only had to leave at the last 5 minutes. I was so proud of him and SO excited to be there and not have to miss out on the Easter service and music!!) Then we had lunch back at our house and my Dad came for the day. Everything was delicious. Saturday night my mom and I made a cute Easter bunny cake-actually she did most of it and I just helped cut and decorate at the end. It turned out cute and Hayes loved it. I'm sure we'll be doing that every year from now on!

A sweet little boy!

New bubbles from Nana and Papa

Loves her new playhouse!!

Nana and her bunny cake

Licking the cake batter, only because her grandparents are here!

Papa and Nana and Hayes and Watson

Our family before church

Our sweet babies on Watson's 1st Easter (this is the best pic I had of them both, but I think she is pinching him? I've learned to take whatever I can get w/them together!)

Pop Pop and W

Thanks for bringing me all that sugary candy, Pop Pop!! Now I just need to find where Mommy hid all of it.

Egg hunting!

It was a special weekend with lots of good food and fun memories with the big and little people we love. Hope you enjoyed a happy Easter too.


Jessica said...

Beautiful pics! I love Haye's curly hair - so cute! i'm glad you guys had a great Easter!!

lindseykennedy said...

That bunny cake is so cute! I will def be doing that next year. Baby Watson looks so sweet! I can't wait to get my hands on him. He looks bigger than Hayes in some pictures. I also can't wait for Bake to play in that house with her! So excited about coming this weekend!