Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrating Grandmama

Our sweet Grandmama passed away almost a week ago. It's hard to believe that is true as I am typing this. She has always been such a huge part of my life and I've been so fortunate to have her for almost 32 years. She had a beautiful service this past week, and I know she would have loved it. It definitely felt like more of a happy day than a sad day. It was a very personal service and a beautiful day, and that is just how she would have wanted it. Everyone had so many wonderful stories and memories of her. I know I've mentioned on here before about how it is hard to talk about "just her" without also including my Grandaddy and Ease (her twin.) Ease always spent alot of time with them after her husband died in 1990. They are all such special people and we miss them so much already. We have joked and joked about what a sense of humor God must have when he made Grandmama and Ease. I'm sure they are entertaining everyone in heaven with their hundreds of jokes and songs!

(This was her last Watson family Christmas dinner with our whole extended family in December. She always LOVED the Christmas dinner!)

It's a very happy thought and so comforting to know right where she is, with all of her loved ones and with JESUS. I know I'll continue to miss her for the rest of my life, but I have so many of her sayings and jokes in my mind, and I know those memories won't ever go away. I'm so thankful that she was my Grandmama, so special and one of a kind (or two of a kind if you count Ease:) and I'm so grateful for the relationship we had!

(Grandmama, her sons, Grandchildren, and Great-Grandchildren-our little Watson makes #14 for her and my Grandaddy-he never could learn all their names!)

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