Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Special Day-W's 1st trip to church

We took Watson to church this morning for the first time! It took some planning but we were all ready on time and even had time for some pictures. I was hoping he would be ready for a nap once we got there, but he was not. He and I lasted a good 15 minutes during the service, really just the music, and then I took him out right before he got fussy. Then he went to our class with us, but we only lasted right up until the lesson started before he had to eat. Other than that it was great. I was so glad to get back and for all of us to be able to go together. It was a beautiful day too, warm and sunny, so that made it even better.

a proud Daddy

where are we going so early?!

hayes loves to run over to our neighbor's yard to play with this little door every time we go outside. It's just her size.

my babies

playing in mommy's shoes this afternoon

this was hayes' 1st day at church when she was 5 weeks too-March 2009

I have a new recipe from this weekend to share. Maybe tomorrow if naptime allows. It's good!!

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